FIH Hockey Pro League season 4

FIH Pro League

The new season of the Hockey Pro League has started on 28 October 2022 and will end on 5 July 2023 after 144 matches.

It will see 18 top teams (9 men’s and 9 women’s) from around the globe go head-to-head to become the 2022/23 champions. There’s more at stake for the teams this time however, as a promotion-relegation principle will be introduced. With a new mini-tournament format that will help athletes perform to their peak level, rapidly improving squads, and the added incentive of surviving the threat of relegation, the 4th edition of the Hockey Pro League promises to be the most competitive one yet!

New format: mini-tournaments

Each team will face the other 8 teams twice in the season, for a total of 16 games played by each team. But while the old format saw teams travel frequently, the new format drastically reduces the travelling requirements of each team by introducing the mini-tournaments format.
The entire season of the FIH Hockey Pro League will be split into multiple mini-tournaments, where a set of 3 teams will gather in one host nation and play all their matches against each other, setting up 6 games per mini-tournament. This initiative contributes towards creating a more environmentally sustainable event, while also reducing the travelling burdens on the teams and athletes, allowing them to give their very best in each game.


In order to raise the interest of the competition, season 4 of the Hockey Pro League introduces the principle of promotion-relegation. The team finishing at the bottom of the table will get relegated at the expense of the winner of the new Hockey Nations Cup.

Scoring System

The scoring system remains the same as the previous season.

• Win = 3 points
• Tie = 1 point + shoot-outs awarding an extra point to the winner
• Loss = 0 points

Participating teams

• Women: Argentina – Australia – Belgium – China – Germany – Great Britain – Netherlands – New Zealand – USA
• Men: Argentina – Australia – Belgium – Germany – Great Britain – India – Netherlands – New Zealand – Spain


To see the full match schedule of the FIH Hockey Pro League Season 4, click here >>

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