Red Panthers and Red Lions start new Pro League season in Argentina

FIH Pro League

The Belgian national teams started their Hockey Pro League season in Mendoza (Argentina). From November 4 to November 10 both Belgian teams played two games against Argentina and Germany.

The Red Panthers managed to take 2 points out of 6 against Argentina. In front of their fervent home crowd, the world’s number 2 clinched a logical short win over the Belgians (1-0) in the first game. A couple of days later the Panthers managed to tie with their hosts (2-2), before grabbing the extra point by winning the shoot-outs (1-2).

Against Germany the Belgian women managed to win 3 points out of 6. Both games ended in a draw (3-3 & 2-2), with both teams winning one of the shoot-out sessions (4-3 & 2-3) for the extra point.

The Red Lions had a difficult start with a first loss against Germany (2-3) and Argentina (1-2), before improving in the second games, beating Germany (1-0) and Argentina (4-2) to take their first 6 points.

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